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Permeable Paving Systems, Ground Reinforcement Products & Grass Protection Meshes

MatsGrids is the number one UK distributer of Permeable Paving Systems maunfacturered in the UK from 100% Recycled Plastic from UK Waste. Our revolutionary product R-Pave is Strong and durable, quick and easy to install and is the ideal choice for driveways, pathways, green car parks, agricultural areas and many more applications.

Our Permeable paving system is quick and easy to install and with a compression strength of 320 tonnes, the plastic grid system can be filled with Gravel or Soil to create create a stong and durable surface to walk, drive or ride over for both domestic or commercial applications.


Pereamble Paving systems can be used for both Commercial and Domestic projects where there is a need for a SUDS compliant surface which ensures that surface rater drains through to the water table keeping the rain water surface run off away from our over flowing drain systems.

Permeable paving systems can be used in many applications where ground reinforcement is required to create a strong and durable surface for pedestrians, Vehicles both cars and commercial are likly to travel across the surface. These types of application arel Pathways Or Walkways, Driveways, Roadways, Car Parking any many more.


Quick and easy to install our permable paving system clips together using an interferance connection, which enables the product to be laid at a rate of 100 Square meters per Hour by 1 opeative, onto a well prepared base. Once filled with Gravel or Soil the new surface is the perfet surface for Wheelchairs, pedetrians, vehicles and Animals to travel accross.


Our permable paving systems is manufaturered in the UK for 100% recycled UK waste plastics, and can be delivered to your project on a national basis. If you have any questions or nedd fruther assistance regarding our permeable paving system, please get in touch with one of our experienced teams members who are on hand to discuss your requirements.